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8. Copywriter NIK FRANK LEHRER Fred Savage is the cherubic boy next door, whose divine word smithery wins the hearts, minds, and expendable income of millions. Now, with a One Show award under their belts and eternal flame in their hearts, these lost boys are ready to change advertising forever. They’re blowin’ up, like they thought they would. Just call the crib… same number, same hood. Tommy didn’t choose art direction, it chose him.

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The orchestra world is over supplied with players. Probably a better more realistic career option is to become a dentist and do flute in ones’ spare time on a semi amateur basis. Much more realistic. Thanks for your comment. I hope this blog can be a discussion for all things related to the industry. I don’t have any experience taking tier 1 orchestra gig auditions, but I imagine it’s brutal. On the flip side, I know several people that maintain a healthy gig life while working a lucrative day job. In fact, that is why this blog exists. I picked up tech skills coding, graphic design, etc. to pay my bills while fluting. One thing is for sure… Sarah deserves her gig.