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There’s a raging conceptual debate over whether or not designers have any business coding, but the reality is that employers are beginning to require knowledge of at least HTML and CSS before considering you as a candidate. Even if you won’t actually be engaging in those activities, designers who understand the underlying structure and capabilities of the web are valuable assets. Following this same line of thought, front end development tends to be HTML, CSS and JavaScript while backend development involve heavier hitters like PHPDesigner/DeveloperAt the other end of the spectrum sits the designer/developer. These individuals aren’t satisfied with merely handling the front end aesthetic but push themselves further and become fully competent in HTML and CSS. Some go even further than that and pick up JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and other prominent web technologies. Again, let the debate rage on about whether or not one person should really hand all of these duties but the reality is that there are a million people with skill sets this extensive and they are excellent candidates as far as employers are concerned. UI Designer User Interface DesignerAs the web and even desktop computer environments become more ingrained into our daily lives, the role of the UI designer becomes more and more important. In many ways a sub segment of front end design, UI design relates specifically to the design and in many cases actual hand coded development of application and website interfaces. For example, if you need a personal website to show off your work, you might hire a general web designer or firm to design and code the whole thing. However, if you want to create a productivity application with custom buttons, fields, navigation, typography and other design elements, then you would hire a UI designer. UX Designer User Experience DesignerThere is a lot of confusion surrounding this particular field and to what extent, if any, it overlaps other areas of design.

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Its creative tools help graphic art professionals generate appealing visual effects and stay ahead of the competition. It is no doubt that it’s very significant to general users, web designers, and even, video editors. The book, “Enhancing Digital Photography with Adobe Photoshop” by Chris Orwig, will guide us through the workflow of getting our digital photos from our camera to a computer and then into our hands. We will learn about the basics of taking digital pictures, loading photos to our computer, and using Adobe Photoshop to adjust our images and printing and sharing our images. Truly, this is a great way for new users to get up to speed on digital photography and modify photos using this application. This full color book provides an approachable introduction to Photoshop Elements and offers tips and insights into the vital aspects of photo manipulation.