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Graphic design can be seen on t shirts, as the background to news stories, in newspapers and on the covers of books and magazines, and in digital or physical museum displays. Graphic design is art with a purpose and involves an artistic way to achieve specific objectives or solve a problem. Graphic design presents ideas through visual and textual content. It is a form of communication that includes images, photos, words, shapes, or graphics and can be in physical form printed or virtual online. Graphic design is found everywhere and can be as large as a company’s billboard, or as small as the design on a cereal box. Graphic design is used for commercial, cultural, political, and educational purposes. Common uses include logos and branding for corporations, editorial design for magazines, newspapers and books, advertising, web design, packaging, and signage. Founded on five design principles – balance, hierarchy, contrast, repetition, and alignment – graphic design merges creativity with strategy to find a balance between aesthetics and function. Graphic design can help sell a product or idea. It is used to identify products or elements of a company’s identity or brand using colors, images, packaging and text. Graphic design can be found in the entertainment industry in the opening and closing credits of a film, and in Broadway programs.

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Do you have a digital camera, a computer, a printer and an Internet connection?Then, you’re set to go digital. But remember, even with this technology, you still need the imaginative idea and the enthusiasm to be entertained. Indeed, “Enhancing Digital Photography with Adobe Photoshop” is expected to greatly increase the digital imaging skills and creativity of professional photographers, imaging professionals, and enthusiasts. With this book, you can work through the examples or branch out with your own Photoshop ideas. From here, welcome to the brave new world of digital photography!Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory. comIn the end, it all boils down to personal preference.