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S. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS, a graphic designer creates visual products to communicate a message. They use a variety of electronic, film and print media. Graphic designers consider cultural and social factors and create the most appropriate visual design to suit the project. They enjoy a variety of different careers, including art director, editorial designer, typeface designer and production director. Graphic designers can also work in many different industries, such as film, publishing, television and advertising.

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Although coursework varies from one school to another, additional classes to delve into that are also found in most graphic design programs include typography, environmental and exhibition design, and publication design. Due to the collaborative nature and marketing aspect of the work, you can increase your marketability by completing courses in business administration, marketing, and writing. If you are still in high school, it’s in your best interest to take introductory level art and design classes if your school offers them. This is because many colleges require a minimum of one year of basic art classes before admitting students into a graphic design program. Many colleges require students to submit several sketches and other types of artwork as part of the admissions process. As you evaluate potential college degree programs, look for a school that provides you the opportunity to build your professional portfolio while still a student.